AGM Reception – 13th AGM 2017

2017 AGM, 9 September 2017, Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Share owners and proxies queuing to register early on a Saturday morning….

Our MC initiating the 2017 AGM…..

The Board of Berhad and Designated Person getting ready for the 2017 AGM…..

Chairman convening the meeting …….

The 2017 AGM was full house as in previous AGMs….

Share owner engaging with the Board and Designated Person during the AGM Q & A session….

Chairman calling for poll after the Q & A session of all the Resolutions tabled at the 2017 AGM….

Polling in motion and collection of poll slips….

Presentation session by the Designated Person to a packed audience while the 2017 AGM was adjourned for poll counting …..

Chairman announcing the poll results….

Share owners, proxies and guests queueing for their lunches….

The afternoon talk session resumed with a packed audience…..

Up close and personal session with the Designated Person……

Personal photo session with the Designated Person….