AGM Reception – 15th AGM 2019

The hall quickly fills as our 15th AGM begins.

Crowds of shareholders file in to register for our AGM despite the lingering presence of the haze.

Shareholders file in to register for our AGM despite the lingering presence of the haze.

Shareholders and staff alike have a good talk about the state of the world, their own affairs, and everything in between.

Shareholders try to get a good look at our buntings, some of which took four people to set up!

Shareholders enjoy a light breakfast and some hearty conversation before the event kicks off.

It’s not easy having to explain the exact same thing over and over again each year, but Teng Boo manages it somehow!

Not everyone’s thrilled to be up this early on a Saturday…

Teng Boo and the board of directors get ready for a morning of questions and answers.

There’s always room to listen to one more point of view at our AGM, no matter who it’s from.

Shareholders from all walks of life can barely contain their anticipation.

Everyone listens attentively as Tan Teng Boo fields shareholder questions by tirelessly laying out the truth and hoping people finally come round.

Sometimes things get heated at our AGM, and that’s when the necks start to crane!

Even after all these years, Tan Teng Boo still knows how to charm an audience.

Shareholders speak their mind and kick the heat up a notch.

A shareholder brings his thoughts and inquiries to the table.

Despite what Teng Boo says about democracy, he will always let our shareholders have their say and exert their sway!

Shareholders get ready to cast their vote at the AGM polling session.

Every vote counts at our AGM, and so does every shareholder.

Everyone sits down to a nice lunch after a bracing morning of questions and answers.

Not a silent table to be found in this lively hall of diners!

Time to consider the angles over a cup of tea.

Two young men so enraptured in an on-going discussion that their food fades into insignificance.

It’s not all serious business on AGM day!

It’s not just the guys who want to know how to make money!

Young and old alike share a table at our AGM lunch.

Everyone breaks out in smiles when it’s time for tea!

Shareholders check out our smorgasbord of free newsletter samples.

Shareholders help themselves to our free newsletter samples as well as brochures for our upcoming China Immersion Program.

No reason to forgo sound investment advice when it’s free!

Time to grab a newsletter or two… or five.

What’s cooking in the Capital Dynamics kitchen? Inquiring shareholders want to know.

A shareholder takes a look at the Chinese edition of our printed newsletter.

The Chinese edition of our printed newsletter is hugely popular with our shareholders.

It’s never too late to consider investing in a bright future.

Perky and all ready to jump in!

No matter the hour, the truly debonair always have the time to strike a cool pose…

One of our senior staff captivates shareholders with opinions built on years of research and experience.

There’s always time to listen to what someone else has to say.

It’s always good to see the faces of shareholders familiar enough to be old friends.

No amount of lukewarm tea could dampen our shareholders’ spirits!

Tan Teng Boo shares his thoughts on investment, life, and the world at large.

There’s a lot to say about the state of things, and you can bet that Tan Teng Boo is gonna say them.

Tan Teng Boo delivers a refreshing perspective on the world with his trademark candor.

Some of what Tan Teng Boo says isn’t easy to hear, but it’s always worth a listen.

Some hot takes to battle the freezing air-conditioning!

Teng Boo’s singular sense of humor brings a smile to the faces of his audience.

The appeal of the AGM doesn’t just lie in getting to know Teng Boo, but also other investors on the same path as you!

Shareholders can’t hold back their delight at Teng Boo’s no-holds-barred takedown of common Sinophobic opinions.

One perk of showing up at our AGM: a free goodie bag!

Who can hold back a delighted giggle over their spanking new goodie bags?

A staff member hands out complimentary RM20 Parkson vouchers at the end of the day.

There’s always room to listen to one more point of view at our AGM, no matter who it’s from.