Investor Day 2016

Day 1, 24th September
Plenary Hall, Level 1, KLCC

How does one make wise decisions?
What is your heart thinking?
Should you break away?

On Day 1, the CEO of Capital Dynamics, Tan Teng Boo, gave an
awe-inspiring session on “How to make wise decisions”. Based on his mission of spreading goodness all round, the unusual session was guided by the teachings of the great philosopher Mencius.
As Teng Boo said:
Wise decisions come from the heart-mind, in contrast to just the
mind or the heart. Wise decisions are made when one’s heart
and mind are integrated.

Day 2, 25th September
West Wing, Level 3, KLCC

Invests like the great investors…
A Value Investing Special

Value investors Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Benjamin Graham and Philip Fisher achieved superior returns while investing in different times. With the current perplexing global backdrop, Teng Boo and his team delivered a very comprehensive series of talks on the journey of value investing, which included its history, coping with zero or negative interest rate, how value investors assess a firm’s real earnings and how the great value investors perceive Berhad.