10th AGM (2014)

The Tenth Annual General Meeting of icapital.biz Berhad was held on 11 October 2014 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.




13/12/2014 Starbiz Deja-vu for icapital.biz?
04/12/2014 Nanyang 前吉打总警长任资本投资董事
03/12/2014 Nanyang 争取到时间,改不了结果
02/12/2014 Starbiz Reappointment of director shot down
01/12/2014 Nanyang 罢免董事须顾及公司利益资本投资重委董事遇阻
01/12/2014 Nanyang 委任董事议程 72.96% :75%阿都阿兹返资本投资失败
29/11/2014 Nanyang Siang Pau 陈鼎武:反对委阿都阿兹任董 伦敦投资理由牵强
28/11/2014 Sinchew 以少欺多?
19/11/2014 Business Times Correction from the article Vote Tunku Aziz at Nov 30 AGM, says icapital.biz manager dated 18 Nov 2014
18/11/2014 Nanyang 陈鼎武吁挑战派现身解释
18/11/2014 Sinchew 伦敦基金以少欺多,陈鼎武吁iCap 东会上说分明
18/11/2014 Oriental Daily 资本投资30日重开大会,陈鼎武 伦敦金融城交代
18/11/2014 New Straits Times Vote Tunku Aziz at Nov 30 AGM, says icapital.biz manager
18/11/2014 The Sun New boardroom tussle looms at icapital.biz, Tan to ‘defend position’
18/11/2014 Starbiz Shrinking board: icapital.biz faces prospects of having only 4 board members following opposition from a group of shareholders
18/11/2014 The Edge Financial Daily Tan turns to minority shareholders
17/11/2014 KiniBiz Tan Teng Boo denies abusing position in adjourning AGM
15/10/2014 Financial Daily icapital.biz clarifies that Ahmad Yahaya intended to retire
14/10/2014 Malaysia Chronicles Large turnout at icapital’s Investor Day
4-10/10/2014 Focus Malaysia ICAP eyes undervalued stocks with its cash hoard
12/04/2014 Sinchew Daily 倫敦投資管理增持資本投資至9.94%
10/04/2014 Sinchew Daily 兩位股神的待遇
24/01/2014 Sinchew Daily 经济转型留不住人才?
13/01/2014 The Busy Weekly 股价低估27%