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29/10/2015icapital slides into the red
13/09/2015How to invest like Warren Buffett
15/10/2014icapital.biz clarifies that Ahmad Yahaya intended to retire
14/10/2014Large turnout at icapital’s Investor Day
10/07/2014O and G counters are expensive and property stocks are ‘worrying’ says Tan Teng Boo
4-10/10/2014ICAP eyes undervalued stocks with its cash hoard
10/04/2014The cautious contrarian
09/20-26/2014Institutional funds ramp up overseas property investments
09/09/2014Plantation stocks ‘due for major correction’
9-15/08/2014Worries weigh on KLCI
04/12/2014Dual-listing fund plan yet to materialise
12/11/2013icapital posts RM5.7mil Q2 profit
12/02/2013Weighing icapital.biz’s fund fees and asset worth
9-15/11/2013Wellcall catches attention of London-based fund
2-8/11/2013Short-term gain, long-term pain (Page 1 , Page 2)
29/10/2013Urbanisation drives investment opportunities in China
29/10/2013No FY14 dividend for icapital.biz shareholders
29/10/2013Output decline dampener
28/10/2013Nurul Izzah laments emphasis on physical infrastructure
28/10/2013Investor Forum
19/10/2013icapital not keen on Bursa
10/05-11/2013Impact of US fiscal deadlock on the market
20/05/2013Asian-style global investing
30/11/2012Frankly Speaking: Capital Dynamics Asset Management Advertorial
27/11/2012Tussle for icapital again?
26/11/2012An iconic look
14/11/2012Laxey may do it again says Tan
14/11/2012New Fund to reduce discount gap
14/11/2012Upbeat Prognosis for icapital.biz
11/12/2012Teng Boo gets vote of confidence from icapital.biz Bhd shareholders
11/12/2012Tan stays on at icapital | Page 2
11/12/2012icapital.biz Shareholders reject Laxey nominees | Page 2
11/09/2012Tan confident of shareholder’s support
11/09/2012Tan rebukes Laxey | Page 2
11/08/2012Tan to block Laxey’s entry into icapital.biz board | Page 2
11/07/2012Icapital.biz future at stake
11/07/2012Tan issues ultimatum | Page 2
11/07/2012Troubles at icapital.biz | Page 2
11/07/2012Icapital.biz founder may retire as its manager
11/07/2012Capital Dynamics gest SC nod for dual-listed fund
11/06/2012Hostile take over? | Page 2
08/10/2009China’s reality check
25/08/2005icapital.biz increasing fund size for listing
24/08/2005icapital.biz gets SC nods to expand fund size
08/04/2005icapital.biz seeks to boost fund size
icapital.biz applies to increase fund size to RM140m
icapital.biz seeks SC nod to boost fund size
13/07/2005icapital.biz gives listing press kit a Buffett spin
13/07/2005Capital Dynamics gets SC nod for closed-end fund
07/09/2005Oil & Gas sector among top picks
07/08/2005Economic slowdown likely to be moderate
Closed-end fund to pick up undervalued stocks
Economic slowdown likely to be moderate (cont)
icapital.biz targets main board listing in September
icapital.biz: Bear mart best time to launch fund
07/06/2005Opportunity awaits in closed-end fund
20/06/2005Another closed-end fund for Malaysia
Measures in place to safeguard shareholders’ interest (cont)
06/10/2005CDAM to launch closed-end fund
Capital Dynamics to launch closed-end fund
06/09/2005Analysts, fund managers still bullish on mart