Investor Day 2011

The start of the 2011 Investor Day at the registration counter

One investor after another at the busy registration counter

The crowd at the foyer got bigger and bigger as the day went by

Investors checking the exciting program: So many talks, so much to learn

Petronas Dagangan’s exhibition booth: keen investors enquiring about their range of products.

Investors listening attentively at F&N’s exhibition booth

Boustead Holdings’ exhibition booth and their impressive photo wall display

Investors busy viewing the information available at the Berhad’s booth

Teng Boo giving his investment views to a full house

Investors being given a tour of the performance of Berhad

Malaysia Smelting Corporation keeps the investors entertained

Keen investors checking out at the i Capital newsletter subscription counter

The Capital Dynamics staff addressing all kinds of enquiries

Aerial view of Capital Dynamics booth

Miss Vanessa Tan performing the company song – “Yesterday When I was Young’

A house full with eager investors

Teng Boo preparing to give his talk on Value Investing

Padini Holdings putting on an exciting fashion show

The hall is filled up as investors listened to Teng Boo’s presentation

A panel of industry experts speaking at a forum on Malaysian ports. It was indeed eye-opening to the audience.

Judges giving a round of applause to the finalists at The Budding Value Investor

Samuel Sentongo, one of our finalists at The Budding Value Investor, giving his impressive take on “Why invest in Berhad”

Teng Boo being grilled by Khoo Hsu Chang of BFM