Corporate Responsibility

2016 Berhad takes its responsibility as a corporate citizen seriously. It is committed to achieving its investment objectives through responsible corporate practices, and to improving and nurturing a more harmonious society, be it for its share owners, investors and the community at large.


Share Owner Value


By adhering to its eclectic value investing philosophy, Berhad is committed to safeguarding share owners’ long-term interest by increasing its net asset value over the long-term, within levels of risk acceptable to value investing.


Community Engagement and Responsible Investing


As a relatively small listed fund, we focus our initiatives where our limited resources can have the greatest positive impact on the community; therefore, we apply our corporate responsibility efforts by identifying areas where we can engage the community and encourage responsible investing.


The Investor Day of Berhad

At Berhad, we believe that responsible investing starts with having sound investment knowledge. This forms the basis of the Investor Day of Berhad, a non-profit investor education event open to both our share owners and the investing public. We believe that everyone should have access to sound quality investment education. The Investor Day of Berhad is one of Asia’s most innovative investment events.


The 2015 Investor Day


The 2015 Investor Day was held on Saturday, 19th and Sunday, 20th September, 2015 at the KL Convention Centre. In line with its increasing success, more than 11,000 people registered for the event.


Day 1 (19th September) – Where are we really heading ? The Malaysian story


On Day 1, Tan Teng Boo held a lively 3-hour interactive session. He shared his insights on the turbulent political landscape in Malaysia and he emphasized that despite these difficulties, there is hope for all Malaysians to secure a better future and live richer lives. The main thrust of his talk was that the journey to a better Malaysia starts with each and every Malaysian.


Day 2 (20th September) – One certainty is there will always be uncertainties. Use mental gymnastics to thrive in uncertainty.


Day 2 was all about learning from the people who thrive on uncertainty. Most of what people worried over in recent years did not occur. The biggest risk for most of us is something few have

talked about. Tan Teng Boo started the long day teaching the participants about “Mental Gymnastics.” Changing one’s mindset is one of the most difficult things to do. It is easier to believe a falsehood than to summersault your brain.

Presentations on “Margin of Safety”, the core principle of value investing, and how it allows low risk but high returns, the low interest rate regime, the weakening Ringgit, “One Belt, One Road, One Asian Bank” and why investing in Berhad works followed. Participants also received timely updates from Tan Sri Lodin Wok Kamarrudin, Group Managing Director of Boustead Holdings and Madam Ng Kiat Min, CFO of Suria Capital Holdings.


The 2015 Investor Day was by far the most successful since its inception in 2010. We share some of the comments made by the participants:

“ Today’s event is very interesting as Mr. Tan is giving the social responsibility to all the Malaysians which I think is very important to nation building ”

– Mr. Chong –

“ This is a very wonderful thing, a wonderful talk coming from Teng Boo. It’s one of very rare things you can get from somebody. People say he’s the Warren Buffett of Malaysia.I think it is a very good event to go to ”

– Mr. Jayan –

“ During after lunch you tend to slumber and fall asleep…but yesterday and today it was a fantastic session…I think the insights they bring to the floor are interesting and very candid…… I have understood a lot and I think it will help us to make

better decisions “

  • Pat and Mrs. Dee –


The 2016 Investor Day


The 2016 Investor Day of Berhad will once again provide a unique and invaluable opportunity for share owners and the public to gain investment skills and insights through interactive presentations and top quality investment talks.


Day 1 will stay true to its aim of letting the investing public have a glimpse of Teng Boo’s insights on matters that go beyond stock markets. The theme this year is “Break Away”. This topic is centered on life transformations. This may not be as easy as we think, but it may not be that hard either. Taking the first step requires a lot of courage, determination, and support. People are often afraid of “breaking away” but on Day 1, participants will get a chance to know what this means from someone who did just that twenty-eight years ago and has never looked back since.


Day 2 will again consist of 3 tracks. By taking participants through the history of value investing, Berhad aims at helping them understand value investing more effectively. Participants will also get to hear how value investing works in a world where there is no interest rate. In line with its past practice of widening the

skills and knowledge of share owners and the public, there will be talks on China’s banking structure, assessing initial public offerings in various markets, investing in China’s stock market and a unique panel discussion on Malaysia’s economy. The regular sessions on understanding financial statements, technical analysis and economic indicators will be conducted. Share owners and the rest will hear updates from senior management of the listed companies that Berhad has invested in.

Come with your family, colleagues and friends and join us on Saturday, 24th September and Sunday, 25th September 2016 at the KLCC and access the wisdom of Tan Teng Boo and the other speakers. Equip yourself with time-tested investment wisdom to make sound investment decisions. Berhad prides itself on being a conscientious corporate citizen. The annual Investor Day of Berhad has become a key avenue for your Fund to implement effective corporate responsibility initiatives and to help make the world a better place.


Lastly, we wish to thank Tan Teng Boo and his team at Capital Dynamics for working hard to organise all the Annual General Meetings, the Investor Days of icapital.Biz Berhad, and more. Believing strongly in the raison d’etre of Berhad that “serious long-term investing in Bursa Securities can offer superior returns”, they were not paid any extra fee in undertaking these selfless initiatives.