Corporate Responsibility

2015 Berhad is not only committed but is disciplined with its commitment in maintaining a balance between its business objectives and responsible corporate practices, to improve and nurture a more harmonious society amongst its share owners, investors and the community at large.


Share owner value


Share owner value creation remains a core corporate responsibility for Berhad. By adhering to its eclectic value investing philosophy, Berhad is committed to maximising its average annual rate of gain in its net asset value, which is the most critical factor in safeguarding the long-term interests of our share owners.


Investor Day


It is our business to understand where limited resources can have the greatest positive impact; therefore we have applied our corporate social responsibility efforts by identifying areas where we can foster a positive change.


At Berhad, we believe that everyone should have access to sound quality investment education. This forms the fundamental basis for our annual investor education event, the Investor Day. As part of Berhad’s corporate social responsibility efforts, we have reached out to the community through investment

education, choosing to host Investor Day, a non-profit event opened to both our share owners and the investing public, be they budding value investors or retirees seeking prudent investments for their old age. The Investor Day is one of Asia’s most innovative investment events.


2014 Investor Day


We created a number of “Firsts” in the 2014 Investor Day. With the aim of making it more accessible to the investing public, for its first time, we extended the Investor Day to a one and a half day event where more exciting, informative and inspiring talks were held.


For the first time, Tan Teng Boo, the designated person of your Fund, inspired the audience of the Investor Day in a Saturday afternoon with his personal stories of how he single-handedly built Capital Dynamics, a global investment firm with RM1.0

billion assets under management in an industry dominated by the global giants. Over 3,000 participants of the Investor Day engaged productively with him. It was also the first time that the Plenary Hall of the KL Convention Centre was filled to brim for a talk conducted by a fund manager.


Themed “How to become a better investor”, with the aim of making our investing public better investors, for the first time, a series of educational and exciting technical talks were conducted by the analysts and fund managers from Capital Dynamics’ global offices. The audience listened to the insightful talks attentively; the sessions were all fully packed.


It is also part of our corporate social responsibilities efforts to update our share owners on the business performance of the listed companies that your Fund has invested in. We were honoured to have Tan Sri Dato Seri Lodin Bin Wok Kamaruddin, Group Managing Director of Boustead Holdings Berhad, Ms. Ng Kiat Min, Chief Financial Officer of Suria Capital Holdings Berhad, and Mr. Chu Jenn Weng, Chief Executive Officer of ViTrox Corporation Berhad conducting their corporate presentations to the audience at the Investor Day.


On 11th and 12th October 2014, we witnessed the most successful Investor Day since its inception in 2010. Over 7,000 participants from all walks of life benefitted tremendously from participating in the 2014 Investor Day.



2015 Investor Day


The objective of 2015 Investor Day extends beyond providing informative, interactive and interesting sessions to the public. It is part of Berhad’s mission to make the community a better place by empowering people with the right attitudes in business, investing and life. Be they students, budding value investors, parents, or retirees.


Following the success of the 2014 Investor Day, this year’s event will be conducted in a similar format. The event will once again have free admission and will be held on 19th and 20th September, 2015 at the KLCC Convention Centre.


Tan Teng Boo will again be holding a 3-hour interactive session on a Saturday afternoon where he will be sharing his insights on the highly disturbing socio-economic conditions of Malaysia and the Asian region. Sunday, the second day will be packed with many investment talks presented by analysts and fund managers of Capital Dynamics aimed at enlightening participants with easy-to-understand investment methods and concepts that will equip them to be better investors. The second day also showcases corporate presentations by senior managers of the listed companies that Berhad has invested in.


Come with your family and friends and join us on Saturday, 19 September and Sunday, 20th September 2015 and find out the key lessons learnt, costly mistakes to avoid, creative strategies to adopt, working with finite resources and above all, the importance of values, such as integrity, in everything we do.


As Berhad continues to deliver superior returns to its share owners, it will also continue to implement effective corporate social responsibility initiatives amongst its share owners, investors and the community at large.