Corporate Responsibility

2013 Berhad is committed to maintaining a balance between our commercial ambitions and responsible corporate practices, to improving and nurturing a more harmonious society, be it for its share owners, investors and the community at large.


Share owner value


Share owner value creation remains a core corporate responsibility for Berhad. By adhering to its eclectic value investing philosophy, Berhad is committed to maximising its average annual rate of gain in its net asset value, which is the most critical factor in safeguarding the long-term interests of our share owners.


Investor Day


At Berhad, we believe that everyone should have access to sound quality investment education. This forms the fundamental basis for our non-profit annual investor education event, the Investor Day. As part of Berhad’s corporate

responsibility efforts, we have reached out to the community through investment education, choosing to host Investor Day, a free non-profit event opened to both our share owners and the investing public, be they budding value investors or retirees

seeking more prudent investments for their old age. The Investor Day is one of Asia’s most innovative investment events.


The first Investor Day, held in 2010 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, was the first of its kind to be held in Asia and was a huge success. The 2011 Investor Day, held in the same venue, was no different, with an unprecedented number of attendees, all seeking to learn about value investing, a core theme of the event.


This coming Investor Day, Berhad is again hosting a series of educational talks and forums, exciting exhibition booths and valuable Q&A sessions with the senior management of the listed companies which Berhad has holdings in. Topics of the talks will range from making sound investment decisions for your

future to Malaysia’s economic outlook and more. Berhad aims to make a positive contribution towards the community through providing such investment talks and forums and helping the community learn about the benefits of sound value investing. Mr Tan Teng Boo himself will be kicking off the events in the Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, providing insights into his eclectic “Bamboo” value investing style.


The 2013 Investor Day is premised on the theme of “Great Beginnings”, illuminating the notion that all it takes is the first right step. Some of the most exciting enterprises of the 2013 Investor Day are our new iChallenge (an investment game) and our ICharity initiatives, which intertwine the theme of the Day with our corporate responsibility.


i Challenge


The Investor Day is one of Asia’s most innovative investment events, and the investment game adds a new element of immersion – participants attend various talks and visit exhibition booths to correctly complete a set of questions in order to win the challenge. Berhad views the investment game as an interactive

engagement activity and an avenue of education for participants in the 2013 Investor Day.




Another of Berhad’s corporate responsibility efforts is the i Charity initiative, taking place in the 2013 Investor Day. i Charity will see a selected charity receive a 5 Ringgit donation from Berhad for every registered attendee at the 2013 Investor Day, subject to a ceiling of RM50,000. Be sure to attend 2013 Investor Day and help us hit this ceiling for our i Charity initiative. A giant eye structure will progressively light up with every participant contributing to the ultimate donation to the charity of choice.


Be sure to attend 2013 Investor Day to gain valuable insights into value investing, compete in the i Challenge and to contribute to our Charity initiative. The 2013 Investor Day will be held from 9.00am to 5.30pm on Saturday, 26 October 2013 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Berhad prides itself on being a conscientious corporate citizen, and will continue to implement effective corporate responsibility initiatives now and into the future.