Corporate Responsibility

2017 Berhad takes its responsibility as a corporate citizen seriously. It is committed to achieving its investment objectives through responsible corporate practices, and to improving and nurturing a more harmonious society, be it for its share owners, investors and the community at large.


Share Owner Value


By adhering to its eclectic value investing philosophy, Berhad is committed to safeguarding share owners’ long-term interest by increasing its net asset value over the long-term, within levels of risk acceptable to value investing.


Community Engagement and Responsible Investing


As a relatively small listed fund, we focus our initiatives where our limited resources can have the greatest positive impact on the community; therefore, we apply our corporate responsibility efforts by identifying areas where we can engage the community and encourage responsible investing.


The Investor Day of Berhad


At Berhad, we believe that responsible investing starts with having sound investment knowledge. This forms the basis of the Investor Day of Berhad, a non-profit investor education event open to both our share owners and the investing public. We believe that everyone should have access to sound quality investment education. The Investor Day of Berhad is one of Asia’s most innovative investment events.


The 2016 Investor Day


The 2016 Investor Day was held on Saturday, 24th and Sunday, 25th September, 2016 at the KL Convention Centre. Once again, Berhad has provided a unique and invaluable opportunity for share owners and the public to gain investment skills and insights through interactive presentations and top quality investment talks.


Day 1 (24 September) – How to make wise decisions


On Day 1, the CEO of Capital Dynamics, Tan Teng Boo, gave an awe-inspiring session on “How to make wise decisions”. Based on his mission of spreading goodness all round, the unusual session was guided by the teachings of the great philosopher Mencius. As Teng Boo said, “wise decisions come from the heart-mind, in contrast to just the mind or the heart. Wise decisions are made when one’s heart and mind are integrated.” To illustrate what is a heart-mind decision, Teng Boo shared why he decided to launch Bhd as a closed-end fund that took three years rather than a unit trust fund that can be launched in a much shorter time.


Day 2 (25 September) – Invests like the great investors…a value investing special


Day 2 of the 2016 Investor Day was aimed at helping investors better understand a confusing world and how to navigate such a troubling and uncertain environment. Value investors Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Benjamin Graham and Philip Fisher achieved superior returns while investing in different times. With the current perplexing global backdrop, Teng Boo and his team delivered a very comprehensive series of talks on the journey of value investing, which included its history, coping with zero or negative interest rate, how value investors assess a firm’s real earnings and how the great value investors would perceive Berhad. Not surprisingly, the main topic on Day 2 was titled “Invests like the great investors…a value investing special”.


The International Investor Day by Capital Dynamics


This year, the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of Berhad will be held separately from the 2017 International Investor Day. The objective of the separation of the two events is to encourage greater participation and more quality time spent for better interaction with the share owners of Berhad at the AGM. Nevertheless, Berhad will be participating in the 2017 International Investor Day organized by Capital Dynamics. The said event is scheduled to take place on 4 & 5 November this year at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.


The 2017 International Investor Day – Longevity


Capital Dynamics have noticed that people nowadays are living up to 80 years old and beyond, which indicate a longer retirement years. It is therefore very crucial to have a proper financial planning in order to live comfortably and happily in the longer retirement years. The theme of ‘Longevity’ gels perfectly with the investment objective of Berhad, which is long-term capital appreciation. Berhad prides itself on being a conscientious corporate citizen. The participation of the annual Investor Day by Capital Dynamics has become a key avenue for your Fund to implement effective corporate responsibility initiatives and to help make the world a better place.


Lastly, we wish to thank Tan Teng Boo and his team at Capital Dynamics for working hard to organise all the Annual General Meetings, the Investor Day, and more. Believing strongly in the raison d’etre of Berhad that “serious long-term investing in Bursa Securities can offer superior returns”, they were not paid any extra fee in undertaking these selfless initiatives.