Corporate Responsibility


Your Fund takes its responsibility as a corporate citizen seriously. It is committed to achieving its investment objectives through responsible corporate practices, and to improving and nurturing a more harmonious society, be it for its share owners, investors or the community at large.

Share Owner Value

By adhering to its eclectic value investing philosophy, your Fund is committed to safeguarding share owners’ long-term interest by increasing its net asset value over the long-term, within levels of risk acceptable to value investing.

Community Engagement and Responsible Investing

As a relatively small listed fund, we focus our initiatives on where our limited resources can have the greatest positive impact on the community, therefore, we apply our corporate responsibility efforts by identifying areas where we can engage the community and encourage responsible investing.

Ever since the first Investor Day of your Fund was held in 2010, your Fund Manager and Investment Adviser, Capital Dynamics, have been working hard in organising all the investor days, with the objective of educating the investing public on sound investing and to increase the awareness of Berhad among the general public. Believing strongly in the raison d’etre of your Fund that “serious long-term investing in Bursa Securities can offer superior returns”, they were not paid any extra fees for undertaking these selfless initiatives.

Effective 2017, the Investor Day of your Fund was rebranded as the Global Investor Week of Capital Dynamics. Capital Dynamics decided to take on a greater responsibility by becoming the main organiser of the event in order to have a greater platform to reach out to more investors and have more flexibility in organising an event of such nature, which is deemed as one of the most innovative investor events in Asia.

The 13th Annual General Meeting of Berhad

Different from the past years, the 13th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of your Fund was held separately from the 2017 Global Investor Week. The AGM was made a full day event where the fund manager was able to spend more quality time to interact with the share owners of your Fund. In a special focus, Tan Teng Boo highlighted the critical issue of Malaysia’s weak education system in comparison with the success stories of other economies like South Korea, especially in the advent of Artificial Intelligence. The session was thought-provoking and well-received by the share owners.

The 2017 Global Investor Week

With your Fund as one of its sponsors, a key objective of the 2017 Global Investor Week was to allow the participants to critically re-examine and discuss fundamental truths and assumptions about life, economics, and investments, and to arrive at new findings and conclusions. The many talks delivered by a wide array of speakers on Saturday and Sunday, 4th and 5th November 2017 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, were aimed at sharing with participants on how and what can be done to benefit from these discoveries.

Day 1, 4th November 2017

Day 1 of The 2017 Global Investor Week was simply like no other investment event. First, we invited Dr Aubrey de Grey, a renowned gerontologist from Cambridge University to share about the possibility of human beings living up to 1,000 years. Dr de Grey argued that ageing is merely a disease and is actually a curable one. He said human beings age in seven basic ways, all of which can be averted. In the 2nd segment, a special 3-part series on China’s unexposed transformation was held. We had Professor Daniel A Bell, Dean of the School of Political Science and Public Administration at Shandong University and professor at Tsinghua University to share his fascinating insights on how the Communist Party of China selects good leaders. In the same series, Tan Teng Boo overturned many of the long-held, conventional assumptions about China’s history, economic growth and stock market by presenting one of the most original research findings on China’s 5,000-year history and what it means for the future, in terms of China’s economy, the global economy and the stock market. Tan Teng Boo further enlightened the participants on why China’s growth and development would continue for many more decades to come as “Advanced China” arrives and how the participants could handsomely benefit from this spectacular “Once-in-a-millennium transformation”.

Day 2, 5th November 2017

Day 2 of the 2017 Global Investor Week was packed with talks focusing on Malaysia, ASEAN and of course on value investing. Tan Teng Boo delivered a candid assessment of the economic and political challenges facing Malaysia. In this highly inspiring session, he discussed the impact from the multi-dimensional threats posed by the many disruptive technologies, the worsening fluidity in Malaysian politics and a global community that has seen Trump Donald, Brexit, AfD, and more. The participants were enlightened by a highly interactive 2-hour Roundtable discussion focusing on the ASEAN economies and their stock markets. Moderated by Tan Teng Boo, the heads of research from leading stockbroking firms in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam openly shared with the participants their views of their respective countries. Tan Teng Boo and his team also gave a timely update on the latest condition of the major economies and stock markets, an insightful talk on Berhad and shared 2 interesting case studies to illustrate the power of compounding via value investing.

The 2018 Global Investor Week and the Budding Value Investor Award

Your Fund Manager and Investment Adviser are committed and determined to promoting the benefits of long-term value investing, in line with the investment objectives and policies of your Fund. As such, many exciting and educational events/activities are being planned for 2018-2019 apart from the coming 14th AGM. For instance, in celebration of Capital Dynamics’ 30th Anniversary, your Fund Manager and Investment Adviser will be bringing back the Budding Value Investor Award, a trailblazing investment competition targeting young budding investors with the aim of cultivating in them the principle of value investing and the importance of serious investing. Last but not least, investors would expect more inspiring, thought-provoking and fascinating sessions in the coming Global Investor Week.

Your Fund prides itself on being a conscientious corporate citizen. The launching of the Global Investor Week by your Fund Manager and Investment Adviser has become a key avenue for your Fund to implement effective corporate responsibility initiatives and help make the world a better place.